Instagram Achievements

Creators are the core of Instagram's ecosystem and to celebrate, guide, and inspire them, I led the design of a new feature to do that called Achievements.  


Badge visual anatomy

We understood that the visuals of the badges would be a crucial part of the experience. So by collaborating with the brand team, I designed a badge system that works for different situations, rewarding specific actions or reaching milestones.


Achievements hub

I designed a central achievement hub that empowered creators to track progress and gain valuable insights.


Celebrating milestones

I collaborated with data and research to create a diverse set of achievements, helping creators track content and account performance.


Achievements designed for guidance

Some achievements were designed to create awareness around helpful actions that are anchored to creators' main jobs like improving content creation or building an engaged community.

Celebrating with followers

Designing a native way to share achievements helped drive social interactions and provided creators with a simple way to celebrate milestones with their followers.



The daily story challenge was designed to boost creator consistency and follower engagement. Notifications were used to help creators stay on track.


Selected Works

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GoogleUX • Visual Design • Mobile

CorningProduct design • Visual Design • Web App

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