Users looking to Shop on Instagram wondered if a shop and its products are legit. I led the design of the first ratings and reviews system on Instagram to boost users' confidence while shopping.


Adding reviews made straightforward

By meeting users where they are, adding reviews was made easy and increased the rate of reviews submitted.

Keeping it safe

Safety tools were integrated to help users report any problematic reviews and keep the community safe


Media centric

An interactive gallery with embedded social interactions was added to help shoppers decide.


Creating a growth cycle

Starting a reviews system with low inventory is challenging - customers need reviews to trust, but reviews need customers! By Integrating external reviews from merchants or trusted sites we built initial trust and sparked a healthy review cycle.


Cross-platform for deeper trust

To create a larger pool of user reviews and increase the system's robustness, I worked closely with Facebook's design team to design and integrate an Instagram-like experience on Facebook.


Selected Works

Instagram ReviewsProject type

GoogleUX • Visual Design • Mobile

CorningProduct design • Visual Design • Web App

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