Version 3.0 of An Event Apart official tweet aggregator. This new design takes advantage of responsive structures to cater layouts across different screen sizes.

This project consisted of two parts: The CIAS student showcase and the CIAS public website. The CIAS Student Showcase is a private social network for students to share their work and interact with one another. It was built at dwaiter as a crowd source tool to gather projects for the CIAS public website. My role as a lead designer on the project was to create the concept, design the user experience and create all the different user interface elements for both, the Showcase and the public website.

Fight for the Future is dedicated to protecting and expanding the Internet's transformative power in our lives by creating civic campaigns that are engaging for millions of people. The brand for such an organization had to reflect their true dedication to fight for the Internet and our future. The heart was used as a symbols for a better future where the Internet remains free and continues to be the powerful platform that it is today.

I designed the logo and UI for this web application. Third panel was created for reading and browsing comic books. The service have not launched yet but will be soon. Link to the live site will be posted once available.

New York Wine & Culinary Center was suffering from bad usability and a case of backend mess. While working at dwaiter I created the new structure and developed an improved UX and UID to give the center a much needed jolt of usability improvements. The result was a much easier to navigate class system and a rock solid online shopping experience. The live site can be viewed here

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